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"We will be the preferred provider of targeted financial product and services to our customer based on strong customer relationship. We will strengthen these relationships by providing the right solution that combine our technology, experience and financial strength. Our goal is to create customer loyalty, shareholder value, and employee statisfaction."



1 - Free Personalized ATM card (First issue).

2 - Free monthly bank statement.

3 - Unlimited ATM withdrawals.

4 - No charge for incoming salary transfer.

5 - 24hr access to cash withdrawal from ATM.

1 - National Identification Card or Driving Licensor,
and Passport for foreigners.

2 - Two Colored passport size photos.

3 - Introduction letter from your orgnaization
BNMB account holder.

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At BNMB we are committed to provide you with banking solutions that match your beliefs. And that’s why we have designed multiple Loans which helps you finance your necessities, be it furniture, electronics equipments , or other household appliances.

Under BNMB’s multiple Loans Scheme, the Bank will at your request purchase your necessity from the authorized dealer and sell the same to you at an agreed profit. The advantage is that you know our profit mark-up and your installment at the time of signing the deal, and it never changes throughout the financing period. This arrangement allows you to take immediate possession & ownership of your necessities and spread your capital expenditure over a period of time.

- Extra Value & Convenience

- Quick approval & short turnaround time.

1 - Affordable repayments. 

2 - Relaxed eligibility. 

3 - Long repayment period of up to 24 months.


Corporate Banking

Companies today find themselves in an increasingly competitive local, regional and global marketplace. Businesses have to focus on staying profitable while managing heightened credit risk and narrowing margins. Keeping in view the challenges of our business environment, BNMB can tailor Corporate Financing and Cash Management products and solutions that accelerate inflows, maximize liquidity, reduce credit risks, automate payments and strengthen reconciliation. At BNMB, our products and services are value added and offer end to end solutions that optimize cash flows and reduce operating costs. We have a significant depth of experience in varied industries which includes Oil , Trading ,manufacturing, transport, Hospitality etc. Our expertise include:


Corporate Financing


Cash Management


Payroll Management


Import & Export Letter of Credit Facilities



Tender & Performance Bonds, Advance PaymentBonds, Deferred Payment and Shipping Garantees.


Asset Financing


Attractive Foreign Exchange & Trade Finance Rates


No Minimum Balance Required in your Business Account


Quick Approvals


Blue Access Debit/ATM Card

Blue Access ATM card is a plastic card that looks like a credit card. It allows you to do the same things at a BNMB Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) as you would at a BNMB Branch.

You can get cash, check account balances, and receive a copy of your statement all electronically by using your ATM card and the password to your account, which is called your Personal Identification Number or PIN. Benefits of having a Blue Access ATM card?

Blue Access ATM cards provide you with A convenient way to:

- Get Cash.

- Check how much money you have in your account.

Blue Access ATM cards make cash available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at many locations. You can use your Blue Access card to access ATMs that are located at all BNMB locations as well as All Other Banks ATMs. How do I get a Blue Access ATM card?

Your ATM card is usually connected to a current or savings account. When you go to any BNMB Branch to open an account, you will be given an ATM card automatically. If you are not offered an ATM card, ask for one.

If you already have an account and you do not have Blue Access ATM Card, please ask for one from the nearest BNMB branch

or simply call us on (+249183)(249183) 

or e-mail us at

  Trade Services

Our Trade Services Unit is a market leader in providing international trade finance products. Our team is of highly experienced Trade Services staff that will provide you with the requisite advice and guidance to enable you realize your business goals and objectives in international trade. 

Blue Nile Mashreg Bank limited has an elaborate network of first class international correspondent banks and Trade Services expertise that ensures your transactions are processed without delays and strictly in accordance with the UCP, URC, URDG, and other international standards. This is done at competitive rates.

The bank is directly connected to the SWIFT system which ensures efficient and secured processing of Trade business and indeed timely follow-up on progress of each transaction.

Call us using the contacts provided and we shall follow up with a meeting to discuss the requirements and the appropriate structure to facilitate your business needs.

We serve Importers and Exporters by providing internationally acceptable trading facilities. We also serve businesses locally by providing acceptable trading instruments.

Our Trade Services Include:

  • Import and Export letters of credit.
  • Inward and Outward documentary collections.
  • Local and foreign guarantees.
  • Financing Export transactions.

Payments and Remittance  


Being a member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial elecommunications (SWIFT), we employ SWIFT technology for international remittances to any part of the world. Using our global network of correspondent banks, we are able to remit funds on behalf of our customers rapidly, efficiently and in a secure manner. 

Our SWIFT Code address is BLNISDKH

Through our international correspondent banking relationships we provide direct and indirect foreign currency remittance facility around the world.

Bankers Drafts & Cheques

These are ideal instruments for paying utility bills, Value Added Tax, School fees, etc.

Western Union

Western Union

Blue Nile Mashreg Bank , in collaboration with Western Union, offers remittance service to Sudan. Western Union is person to person money transfer service that allows consumers to receive money from any where in just a few minutes.

Secure and Reliable:

An extensive network of quality agents, linked by computer, will transfer your money safely and ensure that it is handled with care and without delay. Thousands of people already use the Western Union service all over the world. It is trusted for its reliability and security.

Convenient & Fast:

Western Union has been operating for over 150 years. Today with just over 310,000 Agent locations worldwide in over 200 countries and territories, millions of people trust Western Union to send and receive money worldwide .

How to Pick Up a Money Transfer

It is easy to receive money in person, from BNMB.


Visit any BNMB Branch

Provide the branch with the following information:

1. The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from your sender's receipt, if you know it (this is not required).

2. Sender's first and last names.

3. City and country the money was sent from.

4. The amount that was sent.

5. Your first and last names, address, and telephone number.


Identify Yourself

Simply give the branch your identification card.


Sign the Receipt

Review and sign the receipt that the branch gives you.


Receive the Money

The branch will give you the money that was sent to you with a copy of the receipt and you are on your way.

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