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About Us

Blue Nile Mahsreg Bank is a medium sized bank focused on providing
banking financial services to commercial, corporate and retail customers
including large corporate institutions, International Oil Companies,
Non-Governmental Organizations, diplomatic missions,
UN Agencies and multi-nationals.

Dr. Mohamed Ismail

Welcome to Blue Nile Mashreg Bank (BNMB) website; within these pages you will learn more about our history, latest accomplishments and the products and services that we offer. You will also find out more about our commitment and the values of our institution which, since it was first established in 1983. It has been this commitment which paved the way for BNMB successful journey throughout the last four decades, giving rise to be one of the best Sudanese bank. We are proud of what we have accomplished in the last decades and as we look to the future we will continue to build on the pillars that have helped us become so successful. BNMB will remain focused on the fundamentals of banking and its best practices with an emphasis on sustainable growth. BNMB most valuable asset is its people and we will continue to strengthen and empower them as they are responsible for the Bank’s operations at all levels. Most importantly, we will be whole-heartedly dedicated to our customers, shareholders, business partners and the communities we serve. With this pledge, BNMB is committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in financial services based on sustainable growth and development. 

Mr. Mohamed Ismail 


Executive Management

Dr. Mahmoud Hassan

Mr. AbdelKarem Ahmed

Mr. Ashraf Abdelrahman

Mr. Irfan

Mr. Asaad Gubara

Mr. Mohammed Elfatih

Mrs. Noor Mohammed

Mrs. Kawthar Al-Suni

Mr. Amer Musa



At Blue Nile Mashreg Bank we treat every point of contact as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our customers. We believe in building lifetime customer values of commitment and loyalty through understanding, meeting and exceeding individual needs with a higher standard of service than our competitors.


Establishing the highest standards of service delivery and continually striving to exceed them.Appreciating that creating a positive service culture within our environment means satisfied customers. Recognising that BNMB’s success and that of its employees are completely dependent on customer satisfaction. 


Uphold the highest standards of business ethics. Maintain our reputation for reliability and commitment to accuracy. Deal with every enquiry responsively and with empathy. Provide reasonable and transparent banking fees and charging structures. Treat each issue as an opportunity for learning and improvement, and strive to change a negative issue into a positive customer experience.